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Our Impact​

  • In the Nairobi slum where the nursery school is located, a women's group has been established to enable women to save their money, and support each other emotionally and financially.

  • A feeding program ensures the toddlers in the slum have two hot meals while attending the nursery school.

  • Medical supplies and testing equipment ensure the children with diabetes have better care.

  • In 2017 we raised $10,000 for a permanent home for the nursery school close to the slum.

  • We have sent a total of over $88,000 since 2009 to the kids in Kenya.

Comments from our Partners

Volunteers - Jaqueline Ince

I spent much of my childhood in Nairobi Kenya, and I know the conditions people live in. Beads for Africa, the brainchild of Cathy Benbow Plewes, is a way we can make a difference in the lives of these at-risk children. Cathy, Margaret and Jean - three passionate, dedicated women. We volunteers love working with beautiful African paper beads, knowing our efforts contribute to their quality of life.

Nursery School -

Margaret: Many of my childrens' parents thank me often and sing praises of our school. I cannot thank you enough for your support as I would not have gone these last ten years without your assistance.

Teacher Kellen: I have worked in several other schools, but Mwangaza's experience supersedes them all - lowest fees to help low income parents, excellent foundation education, community spirit among parents. I am grateful to Margaret and all the donors who enable us to continue to offer this community service.

Children with diabetes - Jean

We help at-risk children with diabetes who have no other resources for caring for their diabetes. They may have economic constraints, single or no parental support, psychological problems or cultural stigma, and lack diabetes education and support. We have served about 25 children in our ten year partnership, providing consultation and lab fees, eye and dental care, interaction with their schools, as well as medication, equipment and self-management education and support for their diabetes. Our kids are alive and have flourished because of Beads for Africa.

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